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Wait or Create?

Hello Readers!

Welcome to my world and of my first blog post!

Approximately five months ago, my life changed forever. It wasn’t ten months ago when I decided to go to Florida and immerse myself for one week in focusing on myself only – although, making that choice started it. It wasn’t even a year ago when I stumbled upon a man by the name of Matthew Hussey on a random television show and knew I wanted to know more about what he had to say – even though I do recognize that was also a turning point in my life. So how did my life change forever and what makes me know for certain it changed?

We all have that moment where we make a crucial decision. Sometimes it’s important and sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be important at all. Either way, it’s that moment we actually put our thoughts into action that we begin a new journey.

Five months ago, I went to Florida for a Women’s Lifestyle Retreat to be coached by Matthew – on how to achieve happiness every day, create a life that I will be proud of and most of all to gain confidence in my own self-worth and understanding of how to let go of anything that does not add value to my life. Of course I learned far more than that. It was photo 1more than I expected.

The reason why I chose to go was because I knew that something is my life was missing. Somewhere along the way I had lost confidence in the woman I had become, but I knew I just needed help digging deeper in order to become the woman that I wanted to be.

The time I spent in Florida is by far one of THE MOST unforgettable experiences of my life and I have complete GRATITUDE for the opportunity that God gave me to be able to experience the life changing week I had. I will never forget Matthew Hussey or his wonderful family for the time, attention and intense energy they provided everyone who attended, OR the wonderful and amazing women I also met while I was there.

I am so proud of myself for having the courage to be vulnerable and sacrifice minimal time and money to go and take a risk that will give me an abundance of rewards in return.

There is no doubt, I will run into small bumps and struggles along the way – Life is not always perfect, but I feel like a new person. I can say for certain that I am 100% confident in who I am as a person and happier each day just because of the things I learned while on the retreat.

“You have to at least make yourself important enough to try” – Matthew HusseyBLOG 8

I will say this. In the beginning I was nervous about going some place I’ve never been before and meeting people I didn’t know while going through an experience where I had no idea what to expect. Now, I understand that it is normal to feel this way. If you are like me, the idea of going somewhere on your own, with little to no idea what to expect when you get there, can be terrifying. The closer I got to my destination, the more nervous I became. The meet and greet the night before was pretty awkward for me and once I spoke to the other girls, most felt the same, but you just roll with it. The coaches were so amazing and welcoming; it’s hard to stay nervous for long.

When we started the 5 days, we were guided on making 6 month goals and from there Matthew provided us an extensive amount of tools and knowledge on how to work towards those goals we set and how to be truly happy each day during the time in between (he taught us a heck of a lot more as well, but I digress). I can’t explain in words how it all comes together, it just does. It did. I promised myself I was going to be all in when I was there and I was. I am sure that it made all of the difference.

Perfection is hard to live up to and I am not even sure it’s important. We learned to embrace our failures, not give a damn what anyone else really thinks, and most importantly, be kind to yourself. In the end, you are what matters. Your happiness depends on it.DSCN0933

I could talk for days about the time I spent in Florida, but instead, I choose to show the world my progress. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I am just keeping a promise to myself that that week was worth it all.

Matthew is a special kind of soul and I believe anyone who has the opportunity to be in his presence along with his amazing family and friends (the coaches), and learn anything from him, will be even more blessed than the day before.

You can find out more info on Matthew Hussey and what he does here.

And while I do owe a lot of my progression to all of them, I can’t and will not forget to stop and thank myself for making that choice to go out there and be the best version of myself that I can be.

One of the main questions I have been asked that changed my perspective on everything was “Wait or create?” You can spend your whole life waiting for that perfect person, perfect opportunity, perfect job or just whatever it is you feel will complete you, but if you really stop and think about it, nothing is perfect and not everything will just appear in your lap when you least expect it. Sometimes you have to be brave enough to try and go out there and create opportunities, small or big, in order to see change happen.


I love this journey I am on. It is full of so many possibilities! I want to help you, my readers, achieve this as well. What are you going to do today to create something new in your life? I’m here to root you on. Make it your mission today to try something new/step out of your comfort zone just a little/put a plan you’ve had for weeks into action/say hi to a stranger – Just do something different. Let me know how it works out for you. This is just the beginning. Go create your journey and be the best version of yourself. Never stop striving to grow, experience, and learn more about life and about yourself. Fall if you must, but get the hell back up and keep moving. You don’t want to live with a quitter the rest of your life. You love yourself too much.

Let’s stay in touch! – xo –


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