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New milestones can be scary, but you can push through it!

Don’t hold on to the old when you’re being led somewhere new. Come out of your comfort zone” – Joel Osteen

Hello Readers,

Recently, I started a new job. It’s just a part-time job while I finish my last year of school, but I took a huge leap of faith when I quit my old job. Let me explain. I had been working at my last job for 2 years, however, just before I quit, I was feeling very unfulfilled.

It’s no secret I am guided by my Faith in Christ. I knew that my journey in the company was over, and I felt a huge stress ball release from my shoulders when I made the decision to leave. The reason why I said I took a huge leap of faith is because I didn’t have another job lined up. I was at that time jobless. I had some ideas of places that I would want to apply and I had one job application in hand, but I didn’t have anything set. Well, that one application turned out to be my job savior, and I couldn’t have been happier. At the time I applied, interviewed and then got the job, I just knew without a doubt that this job was better for me and I had no regrets leaving my old job behind. Honestly, I was apprehensive about stepping out of my comfort zone, but I felt God was leading me in a different direction. This job would introduce me to new people I could relate to better and a new experience as a leader in the work field. I always like to think that I am working for the Lord rather than people anyway, and that I was led to this place to create impact in either my own life or someone else’s.

I’m a firm believer in my Faith, however; even I fail to forget sometimes that I am NOT alone.

I have been at my job for about two weeks now, but I have been feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety every day that I go in. I really don’t know what to make of it just yet. I can’t tell if it’s just because it’s more complex than what I am used to and it makes me nervous or if it’s because it’s not the place for me. If it’s not, then where is? I’m not a quitter – and if any of you have ever been through something similar, I do not encourage you to quit either. You have to push through the fears in order to learn the lesson. I do feel a bit uneasy with the uncertainty that I feel though when it comes to my place in this job, however; the learning experience that it comes with will be worth it in the end.

All of this just got me thinking about you all, and I wanted to share not just my victories but my uncertainties as well.Blog Fear 3

Sometimes we are faced with situations that scare us or make us feel really uncomfortable. While I can’t say that it’s easy to overcome right away, I will say that you should always stay in Faith. I plan on sticking this out unless I know without a doubt that I shouldn’t be there. In order to do this, I know that I need to continue to ask the Lord for guidance, lean not on my own understanding but do my very best while I am there and take it all one day at a time. It’s only been two weeks.

Is there anything you face  today that is pushing you out of your comfort zone? What are you doing to help get yourself through it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “New milestones can be scary, but you can push through it!

  1. I loved this it spoke directly to me! We are more alike than I already thought we were 🙂 I too have been stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there and realizing I really struggle with confidence. So for me that is my goal to gain confidence! A friend td me today Own it! Wear the shoes until they fit! I loved that! You are a beautiful writer! Keep sharing and inspiring!


    1. Misty,
      I am so glad that this post spoke to you! It’s the reason I started this blog! I want to be able to send a message but also let others know that they are coming from someone who has a voice and understands the struggles. It’s not always easy. Remember though, that being scared is not with a lack of confidence. Confidence is hard for people to really gain in themselves. I had lost mine at some point but went through that retreat I also blogged about here and I got it back. I don’t feel less confident because this job has given me anxiety. Actually, I’m doing better at it than I realized, it’s just that I am not sure if it’s really what I want, but I have learned that I need to be patient and sometimes we are faced with these situations for other reasons. I’m still figuring out mine. Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary but it’s the most rewarding thing you can do for your own growth. I encourage it! I am living it and I needed someone to help me through it and I did! I hope to do that for you and others as well. You can never regret it! Worst case scenario, you learn something from whatever it is you choose to do and if it’s not for you, then move on to the next thing 🙂 Thank you for your support! -xo-


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