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Amazing Year Memory Jar!

Hello amazing followers!

I know it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted. Finals got crazy for me after Thanksgiving and well, I work in retail so you can imagine how busy I was between Black Friday and Christmas. For now, I hope you have forgiven me – but I have a special post for you today in light of a New Year approaching!

Last year I found a post on Pinterest that showed this neat little crafty jar where people could put little notes in it throughout the year of really great things that happened to them. Then it said that when New Year’s Eve came, you should open the jar and read all the notes you put inside.

Well, I did that, and I can’t believe how full my jar is! Come tomorrow night, I can’t wait to read all of the notes and remember back on all of the great memories I had in 2014!

This year I am continuing this tradition, however; I decided to make myself a new jar because my first one was done quickly from an old pickle jar we had in the fridge. I threw some butterfly stickers on it and painted the word ‘AWESOME’ on it with my pinky…so yeah, I really wanted to update my jar.

Side note: I also decided to make some close friends of mine a jar as well for Christmas gifts and they were a success!

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you all because I really think this memory jar is a fabulous way to celebrate YOU and take some time to write down the good times in your life that you can reflect on at the end of the year.


~the front~

The jars are simple to make and you can create your own in any way that you want to. I personalized mine a little bit and kept it simple, but you can spice yours up with glitter or more colors – however you want!

I bought my mason jar from my local craft store, added cute stick-ons, ribbon and paint and wa-la! The fun thing about this jar is you can re-use it each year! Unless you want to make a new one every year of course. 😉


~the back~

Have fun with yours! It’s only for you anyway! Let me know if you decide to do one and send me pictures! I would love to see your creations!! 🙂

Until next time,

Have a SAFE and HAPPY New Year!




2 thoughts on “Amazing Year Memory Jar!

    1. I’m so glad! Keep me posted if you do one and take a picture! I opened up mine from last year on NYE and it was so fun remembering back on some great memories and moments! I can’t wait to fill up my new one this year!


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