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Gratitude, Self-discovery & 30-day Challenge!

nicole feelin good

~ Let’s play catch up ~

Man oh man, my life sure has changed a lot since I moved here to Washington. It’s amazing what a change in environment will do – not to mention surrounding yourself with people that really support you and bring out the best in you. It’s great for the soul. I do miss my mom though, but I know I am right where I am supposed to be in order to thrive in the areas that I crave to be better in.

One of those things, I promise, is posting these blogs and stepping out of my comfort zone by sharing a small piece of my life with you. In order to do this, I need to make a plan, move things around in my schedule, and this might even mean re-prioritize the things that occupy my time.

I’ve definitely been doing that a lot lately – figuring out what is most important to me, and what I need to do in order to fit in the things that will help me be successful in my future and happy and content with my self-worth and life goals. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. And those things that matter to you most are NOT easy! You don’t want it to be or else you wouldn’t have a reason to truly appreciate it.

Let me tell you, my personal journey to self-discovery is the best time I have ever had because I am learning to really dedicate time to making ME better. I am having a blast growing in learning more and more about myself and who I want to continue to be.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t forget that God is my source of light as well through all of this. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for his grace, so I continue with my spiritual growth as well.

I am not perfect, but on those days that I feel a little lost or discouraged, I turn to my gratitude journal that I write in more often than not, everyday. I encourage you to keep one as well, or find some way to pay tribute to those things you are grateful for everyday. It can be anything. My list of things range from warm running water to my grandma bringing me a glass of water when I didn’t even ask because she knew I was thirsty, to having the money to put gas in my car, to the invention of Skype so I can still see my momma’s face when I miss her and she lives in another state. It changes everyday, and I like to take a moment to write it down, reflect, pray. It keeps me humble and reminds me that I have help, and I am cared about.

One of the other big changes in my life is that I decided to take on a 30 day Transformation Fitness Challenge that started on September 7th. My original hope was to document my journey through the process, but time has proven not to work in my favor on that one for the time being. However, I want to briefly mention it because it has become a big part of my life.

While the challenge comes with a winning prize, I am doing this for ME. My transformation is my own winning prize. I’ve needed something that would help kick my butt into gear with a lifestyle change – something that will keep me motivated, hold me accountable and maybe just maybe I will gain a better body, mind, friends, support and more.

Well, after one week, I can say for sure that I have gained a whole new appreciation for food and nutrition. While it isn’t the easiest to give up some of the foods I love (especially juice, pizza and potatoes!), I’ve come to find that I can live without these things and when treat day comes along, I will appreciate it that much more! I feel lighter and more energized removing so much of the processed foods, sugar and sodium from my everyday diet. This is something I WILL stick with!

The workouts are intense, and some days I wanna cry, but it’s only because I’m fighting through the hard part. I only get one body to take care of. So, I need to make healthier choices for myself. How many of you listen to someone go on and on complaining about something they want to change, but they never put anything into action in order to change? How annoying is that? Well, that was me, feeling that way about my own damn self. I would say things like:

  • “I can’t wear these cute skinny jeans I love, because my butt keeps growing and I don’t know why”
  • “I will never feel comfortable ever getting naked in front of a guy because I don’t look sexy”
  • “I can’t get that dress, or that top, or wear a bathing suit in the summer around actual people (gosh forbid) because I have back fat, a stomach pooch or gross thighs that don’t look good in any of that”
  • “ I feel bloated, not attractive, homely…”
  • “I never have energy to do anything, I’m always so tired!”

csatt fit fam not perfectI AM JUST TIRED OF THE EXCUSES of not fixing these complaints. I am the only one who is in charge of me and making these changes. So- this is what motivated me to sign up for this challenge. I saw the results people were receiving, and I knew it was something I needed to try! I am already into Week 2 of the challenge, and I have more energy, I’m getting stronger, and I feel lighter. I’m not perfect, but I’ve proven to myself I can do it, and I’ve gained some new long-term habits.

I need my morning walk like I need my coffee”

If you want to read more about the Csattfitness challenge you may go HERE. I am grateful for Cody Sattler who created this challenge because if it wasn’t for his energy, passion and support, I wouldn’t be in love with healthier food, waking up early in the morning and striving to be overall a healthier me in body and mind. I have also gained a support system with the Csatt fitness family – we just like to call our “fit fam” and I love it!

I don’t strive to write a health blog BUT I just want to share this as a source of inspiration to go out and dominate that thing you have been wanting to do but haven’t. I also want to keep you all posted on the things that are occupying my time right now and this is big for me right now.

I’m still working on my routine and finding room in the day to fit in all of things that are important to me – including my writing, school work, reading, workouts, personal time and more. It’s a work in progress, but I feel so blessed to wake up each morning and have the chance to do it all over again 🙂

Until next time,



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