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NANOWRIMO 2015 Here I come!


Good morning!

Today’s blog is brought to you by a mission to stay accountable for my new writing venture.

I have decided to participate in this year’s NANOWRIMO.

I am a little late in deciding to jump on this bandwagon (meaning I haven’t done a lot of prepping); however, better late than ever right? Actually, this is something that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years now, but I never committeno perfect timed myself to the task. Life either got in the way, balancing school and work was too much at the time, or I just plain forgot. SO – this time I decided not to forget, posted lots of stickies to remind myself of what I love – which is writing of course – and NOW IS TIME to do this challenge!

If you don’t know much about NANOWRIMO, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every year in November, and it’s basically a commitment for writers to write 50,000 words in 30 days; which is a pretty decent sized novel.

The thing that I like most about this challenge is that no matter what, it is encouraging me to WRITE. Even if I don’t fulfill all 50,000 words, even 2,000 or 15,000 OR even 400 words is better than none at all. At this point, I am standing at none at all – well, aside from all of the side notes of small stories I’ve written, but that doesn’t count to me in the grand scheme of it all. I don’t entirely beat myself up too much for the lack of writing because I know my time is filled with my schooling, which is really important, and I am going to school to be a writer; BUT in order to be a better writer, I need to write even if it is crap.

disciplineMy mind is filled everyday with ideas. The more I read and the more I live and experience, I get newer ideas. I write them down, but they never really go anywhere. So, here is my chance to finally do something about that.

The biggest challenge is going to be choosing which story really speaks to me enough to focus on for this one month. I am sort of going into it blind. I have not prepped with outlines for my story, but I have plenty ideas. I do plan to do some prompts before hand to help me get started, and I will look into doing some during the month as well to keep the writing flow going – The most important thing is that I am trying it, which is more than I can say for any previous attempts.

So, my apologies if I don’t get a chance to post here this month. I plan on trying to, but if I go missing, just know I have been taken hostage by caffeine and the little voices in my head just aching to tell their story to the world.

I’ll be in touch!



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