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NANOWRIMO 2015 Progress/Update!

This is week three now of NANOWRIMO, and I am embarrassed to admit how significantly behind I am in my word count schedule (I’m only going on 9,000 words); BUT I did have finals to worry about, and that was  a major priority, so this is my only excuse. For the last couple of days I have been doing everything I can to catch up, and I must continue to do so.

The story I am writing was not outlined before hand, which I am learning now, does make it tougher during those moments of writers block. However, I decided to use this time to continue with a story that I’ve been attempting to write for the last couple of years. Finding good balance between conflict that is engaging for a reader has been a challenge. I am still sorting this out, but I am finally in a place where I feel a good flow with my characters and writing the story in general.

Of course I have written some lines I think are amazing, but I have also written some lines I think are crap, but that dang delete button is something I keep trying to remind myself to STOP TOUCHING. Part of my word count decrease is because I keep doing that, so now I am finding tricks on how to separate the words I don’t want without deleting them.writing

I must move on with my story, or I will never get passed what I have been working on, so here’s the last two weeks of this month! I’m excited to see where my story goes AND I am determined to write those 50,000 words!

If you are doing NANOWRIMO this year, I am sending amazing writing vibes your way, and I hope you are doing well so far. If you are struggling a bit like me…well, now you know you are not alone.

One of the things I have done when I need inspiration is look at my Writer’s Pinterest board that I made including writing prompts or inspirational quotes. I also follow a few book tubers that are doing NANO and they vlog their NANO writing days. These just help me remember why I chose to do this in the first place along with my love for writing. Last, but not least, I check in on Twitter, make an update or just check to see how everyone else is. It helps me, so if you haven’t tried that and you need some inspiration or motivation, try that 🙂

Alright guys! I have some writing to do!

Until next time…



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