To Create

Embrace the Search for Your Purpose in Life

There are often times when I stop and think about what I am doing with my life. In fact, I just had a talk with my grandpa last night; I told him that I’ve never been able to see myself settle on doing only one thing with my life. I am passionate about so many different things; to find one thing I am good at or want to do seems impossible for me to wrap my mind around.

It’d be easy for me to say that I wasn’t special. I’m just one person in this world. I’m one identity living on this planet. There are so many things that are bigger than me. A huge part of me understands this to be true. This world has been around for billions of years, and I am just one soul granted a life to make a difference. I want to do that. I am not sure what it will mean in the end, but I certainly know that I will never be able to settle on doing one thing because that is where I strive the most. My interests and passions are invaluable.

If you’ve kept up with me on this blog or any of my social media, it’s already quite apparent, that what I want to share is different on any given day. This is because I am driven by many things. I am a writer, but I am still finding my voice and where I fit in with it. I want to inspire and raise awareness on topics that I am passionate about. I want to join like minded people, be creative and enjoy the journey that is life along the way. Sometimes wanting it all can be overwhelming. However, despite this, I am not giving up. Each day I learn something new about myself.

I stumbled upon this video today and the words are powerful. I encourage everyone to take a moment to watch it and listen to what this man is saying. Deep down, we are all human, finding our way through the world and the most important thing we should remember is not only how we treat ourselves but other people while we walk through this life we are given. Find what speaks to you and fly with it, even if you are like me and want to do a little bit of everything. Maybe your purpose is to be someone’s light in a place and time you never imagined.

I have no idea what I am doing. I just know that I wake up each day striving to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. I aim to be kind to others, speak only positive words, think positive thoughts, keep dreaming and never stop praying. This doesn’t mean I don’t screw up from time to time; I make mistakes of course – I’m human. BUT I have the desire to follow Jesus, create adventures, make lasting memories and relationships along the way with compassion and understanding – learn to forgive, let go and move forward when things don’t quite work out as planned, and not be afraid of being different and standing out…Stepping out of my comfort zone is where I have learned the most about what I am capable of. So I encourage everyone to do that, at least once – and see how it makes you feel.

Embrace the mistakes – they will help you improve, and who doesn’t want to live a life of continuous improvement? It’d be a very boring world if we always had everything we wanted and everything was perfect all of the time.

Fear can get the best of us all, but if we allow it to take control, we might miss out on amazing opportunities.

Love with all your heart, be YOU and most of all never EVER apologize for that.




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