Quick End of the Year Update

best is yet to comeHi!

Before we get into the New Year, I thought that I’d share a quick post. I’ve spent some time working on improving my blog page. It sure is time consuming, but definitely gratifying in the end to know I worked hard to make something better.

With Christmas just passing, I’ve had a lot on my mind about my goals going into 2016. I’m not huge on creating resolutions for the New Year because I’ve always been the kind of person that liked striving for different things throughout the year, but I always like starting the New Year off with new goals or refreshing the ones that I have already.

With that being said, I have many new plans for 2016 with my life, career, relationships and of course, my blog.

My mom is here visiting me for the holidays, and I am super grateful. We’ve always been so close, and it has been 5 months since I saw her last. Time sure does fly! I have missed her so much. So, I’m going to enjoy my time with her while she is here and I will see you all back here next year!



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