The Blogger Struggle :Balance, Focus & finding my voice

I never thought about blogging. A year ago I began the process of creating a blog because it was advised in my best interest to have something out there in order to promote my writing.

This very idea frightened me. I’d never blogged before; I didn’t want to blog.

to live a creative life

What would I say?

I don’t have enough finished pieces to share with the world.

When would I find time to create posts with worthy content?

I barely have enough time between work, school and my real writing as it is.

All of these questions swarmed my mind, and I fell into this frustrated trap of uncertainty. I was never sure I’d be “ready”. I knew I needed to get over that or else I would never take a step. I believe that is how things work in life. If we sit back wondering if we’re ready or hesitate to do something we want to do, we only waste our time mulling over those possibilities instead of just going for it and seeing what happens.

I still consider myself a newbie to the blog world. Although, I am finding my place here, slowly but surely.

This year, in 2016, I want to focus on balance. Balancing my writing as a whole, this blog and balancing quality moments with my priorities. This means I need to also focus more on my priorities and not get caught up in the everyday overwhelm that is life. Sometimes that is my problem. I have so much to do, or I psyche myself out to think that I do, and I freeze.start writing

No More!

So, no matter what, this is going to be my place where I figure it out. Maybe along the way, just sharing my inspiration, trials and experiences with you – the world, whoever is reading, even myself, will help me unfold my purpose.

For now, I am perfectly content with this.

I am committing to the process of effort. In order to get it right, we have to practice first.



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