On Writing

‘MUSE-IC’ & Writing

Hey Everyone!

You know that moment you listen to a song and it sparks a memory or an emotion that you felt in a particular moment in your life, that comes from a memory? Yeah, I think most of us know that feeling.

Emotional Connection

It’s amazing isn’t it? How a song can take you back to your childhood, a special occasion or perhaps it just reminds you of that car ride you had once with your grandma or best friend. Maybe it’s a song you danced to at your wedding or had your first kiss to. Maybe it’s the type of music that just reminds you of a summer morning in the country, or a night out in the city.

Whatever it does, it brings that part of you to life. It enhances an emotion or feeling, and that, my friends is what I like to use as inspiration when I write.

A Portal to the Soul

I like to create soundtracks for my stories. It sometimes helps break me out of the writing slump. I lean on the songs and use them as ammo to write a scene or spark motivation in me to write about a character I’m having trouble with.

On the other hand, I typically have a hard time writing while listening to music. There is this thing that happens to me when I listen to great music. I can’t seem to control it. I get this urge to pretend I’m the next contestant on American Idol or The Voice, sometimes I get up and move my legs, hips and feet – it’s not always pretty, but I inevitably get distracted and thoughts get lost and then I never write as much as I hoped…

Okay fine, that’s an exaggerated version of what happens, but seriously, the music can distract me.

Some writers need music playing in the background and they don’t have my illness. So, it’s weird that even as I state that I use it as inspiration, I can’t actually listen to it while I’m writing. Maybe on low as I start out, but I usually end up turning it off completely. Dare I say, I use it as my foreplay.

While I am working on a novel right now (it’s taking me some time because of school and work), I thought for fun I could share my current Novel Soundtrack that I created on Spotify. It’s not a final list by any means, and I change it periodically. I tend to have a mood with scenes and find new music that fits etc., but it will give you an idea of some of the emotions of my characters and romantic relationship that I’m exploring.

Basically, I’m just hoping you enjoy my attempt to share something different in my writing process.

Do you listen to music while you write? Anything that does or doesn’t inspire you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or ask me any questions you might have. Who knows maybe the questions will challenge me or inspire a new thought 😉 The writing process is tough at times but I find comfort in exploring ideas.




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