Words to remember

“There is something in each day…”

First, I want to apologize for missing a couple of ‘Words to Remember Wednesday’s’ – no excuses except that among life happenings, I dropped the ball.

BUT – I am back with them, and this one really spoke to me, so I knew I needed to share it with you here.

no matter the circumstances

Too often we lose site of the day to day blessings when we have bad days. Sometimes we are just confused, lonely, sick, non-motivational or just plain grumpy. I know as a woman, I get emotional over things and sometimes (not all the time), I get over emotional about things. It often depends on what it is about, but it happens. I don’t necessarily apologize for it, because I think it’s good to be passionate about things – UNLESS you are hurting people with your words or actions – that is different. My point is, though, that sometimes emotions can dictate my mood which sometimes makes me feel any of those things I mentioned above.

Despite all of this, I think it’s important to remember not to focus on the temporary moods we claim. Happiness can only be found in love, gratitude and embracing what you DO have. If we are constantly focused on what we don’t have or worried about things that haven’t happened, we are doing ourselves a disservice.

I am guilty of this sometimes myself, and that is why these words couldn’t be more true. Whatever you might be dealing with in your life in this moment that might be tough – just pause for a moment, think about the things that are going well or the blessings you know you can count on. Maybe write them down, look at what you have written and just soak it in for a moment (Gratitude journals are great to keep; I have one myself).

Personally, I find joy in sharing my trials with GOD, because the more I seek him out,the more he lets me know I am NOT alone in any of this. And that is the greatest gift of all.


Maybe you are asking yourself, “but Nicole, what about those days where NOTHING is going well or right, then what?”

Focus on the small things. Often, these are BIG things to other people.

Do you have water running through your house for drinking? cooking? taking a shower? ~Do you have a bed, pillows and blankets for sleeping with? ~ Do you have animals that give you love? ~ Family or friends? ~ What about gas in your car? no car – what about two legs to walk on? ~ food in the fridge and cupboards?~ Are you in good health?

Did you wake up on time for work today? miss that traffic on the freeway? Get a phone call from someone you haven’t heard from? find an extra dollar in your jack pocket?

These are just a few basic things I am listing, but these should be focused on as well because there are so many people who don’t have one or more of these things, and we sometimes take these things for granted.

I promise you, if you search enough, there is SOMETHING to be GRATEFUL for.

Let me know in the comments below, what you are grateful for today 🙂


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