Day Trip to Port Townsend

port townsend 3

Washington has bi-polar weather in the spring time – I have learned. I know I mentioned this in a previous post that when we get sunny days, I’ve come to appreciate them much more than I ever thought I would; Port Townsend trip selfieSo, about a week ago, my grandparents and I planned a day trip up to Port Townsend (a small coastal ,seaport town located off a peninsula about 40 miles Northwest of Seattle) when the sky was blue, sun was bright and the temperature was in the mid 60’s and gorgeous.

I love little day adventures and exploring, and I haven’t done enough of it since moving here for various reasons, but it worked out perfectly for us to all enjoy this day together out of the house 🙂 My sunglasses even got some exposure 🙂

I wish I had gotten a picture of me with my grandparents. I could have placed it right here –> XXX …next time!

From our house just outside of Olympia, it was about a two and 1/2 hour drive, but as I said,

I love road trips and sightseeing, so the drive time is really no big deal to me. We left at about 9:30am, stopped along the way to take pictures of beautiful scenery, got there in time for lunch by the water at this cute little diner appropriately named, Bayview Restaurant, where I ordered Fish & chips – so good. And from there we just drove around enjoying a drive around looking at the historical homes and buildings. port townsend 6Not only could the weather not have been more perfect, but we started driving through this neighborhood and we saw not one, not two or even three but FOUR deer hanging out in someone’s yard! I’d never seen anything like it! One guy even walked by them like it was a normal thing for them to have deer as their neighbors. No big deal. Later, I heard it is indeed normal for them over there. I was beside myself though! To see four deer just casual roaming the neighborhood and someones home in broad daylight and not be spooked easily was incredible to watch.

At one point I did get out of the car and video recorded walking by them with my phone. I wanted to share it with you all, but the video won’t format correctly for me to post it here not being sideways for some reasons, so I’ve including a couple of pictures even though they don’t do this experience justice. Port Townsend (10)

**disclaimer** I’m a HUGE animal lover, so in case you wonder I did not chase or touch any of the deer, just stood and admired a beautiful moment 🙂

After this, we drove over to the shops and parked across the street from an old book shop, which for me is just amazing. Old bookshops are the best! I went inside with my grandma and strolled up and down the aisles of wall to ceiling books on old wooden shelves – ah bliss. BUT get this – when I went back to my car, I noticed we parked in front of another shop that I thought was a book store. There was no obvious sign outside the shop, but when I went in I realized it was a WRITER’S STORE! It was called, “Writer’s Workshoppe” and I have never come across a store like this believe it or not- so of course I bought myself a couple of goodies to commemorate my visit.Write Store

What are the odds that we parked in front of a writer’s store of all places? I think it was meant to be hehe

Cheers to small adventures and even more amazing memories!

port townsend 8
View on the way home



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