On Writing

No Excuses {in writing AND life}

As a writer, I’ve learned two very important things that should always be practiced: Reading and Writing. I can definitely say I read quite frequently between my internship and for my own pleasure. I’m always trying to explore different genres and authors as well to expand my experience with Literature. However, I realized that I have lacked in the writing realm. How can I call myself a writer if I am not writing? Don’t mistake, I AM writing, but I know without a doubt that I must figure out a way to truly commit regularly in order to get any real progress done.

So, I’ve set new writing goals for myself in order to hold myself accountable to writing SOMETHING every. Single. Day. It’s sort of like my own ”Nanowrimo” goal – only not just in November, of course.

With that being said, I also recently graduated from College! Woot Woot! Exciting stuff right? YES! It is! Do I have pictures? Yes! Can I post them? Unfortunately, that is a negative at the moment. You see…my laptop decided to take it’s final breath, and this has been challenging for me.

In a perfect world, I’d go out and buy a new computer, but it’s unfortunately not possible for me to do right now. I’ve decided, though, not to let this minor set back defeat me. At first, I was super bummed this would, in fact, interfere with my writing, my career searching, my internship…but I think it’s important to keep a positive state of mind. I choose to focus on what I do have.

So, I’m here using my grandma’s laptop because well, she’s amazing and won’t let me fail because of a silly machine gadget;-) I’m also pretty savvy with paper and a pen for writing. So, there’s that.

I admit within this last month, I’ve been faced with many eye opening experiences in just about every area of my life it seems. Graduating and finding a career – which is not as easy as it seems, my writing inspiration and goals, my family, my beloved kitty who is sick, taking chances in romance and this sad, tragic world we live in.

Yes, all of this in ONE month. And guess what? I still have NO ANSWERS. But I am embracing it all the best that I can. And soon, I will dive into the details of it all in future posts. These things make me who I am and help me become a better writer and person all around.

The moral of this post and story is not to give up. There are no excuses to not living your best life, and sometimes priorities just need to be set. I’ve let the overwhelm of finding a job, taking care of my kitty and other things in my life keep me from writing as much as I want to. So, this is why I’ve set some new goals. No more excuses!

I’ll be in touch. In the meantime, know that I am reading A LOT…and writing and somewhere in between the craziness that is life, I will continue to exploresome other new ventures and write about them another day 😉 It’s about good balance.



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