On Life

Life Update & Nanowrimo 2016

I know I know! It’s been a hot minute or two since I’ve posted. I shall explain.

I have two main reasons for not being active here in almost three months. No computer/internet and life has been happening. Okay, so there are more than two reasons, but I can assure you they all weave together.

Loss of computer/No Internet

First, my laptop took its last breath, and I had to save to buy a new one. I had to go cheap, but I am grateful to have one at all. Also, I have been without internet. I know that many people access the internet at a coffee shop or library if they need to, but I have been distracted by many other things in my life, so I never got around to going when I had down time. It is what it is. Without that in-home convenience, it was easy to push aside.

Can I be honest though for a moment? Now that I have internet back, it feels weird. Going without the internet for 2 months made me focus on other things because I never use it on my phone. I find it frustrating. I don’t miss the internet. Some things are convenient again, but for the most part, stepping away from being on my computer and most of my social media was really, really nice. I digress for now.

Additionally, I did not have Microsoft Office. This made writing more inconvenient. I just now got this back as well.

New man in my life ❤

I am a private person, which doesn’t do much for someone who is intending to share their life with followers and create a brand helping others. I love my life and I love sharing my world with you all; however, I am extremely protective of my little” homey” bubble. It’s my safe place – my comfort. And this includes the special guy in my life. I know I’ve brought him up in past posts. And I don’t mind shouting to the world that I found my other half. The man that makes me smile every single day! When I am with him though, I am living in the present. I don’t think about getting on my phone or online at all, I just want to be with him and in the moment. He’s become my best friend and I not only love him very much, but I adore and admire him. He’s a talented, smart, loving, supportive, funny human, and he has eyes for me! ME! 🙂

We have been going on new adventures as well as enjoying our down time at home, and it works for us. We are living life, and we can’t wait to see what other amazing things we will experience together. which brings me to…

New Job/moved

We took the next step in our relationship and moved in together. This means adjusting from living with my family to living with a new man. I haven’t lived with a man in over 9 years, so this is all very new to me again. It’s actually been pretty great. I also started a new job the first week of August. It is just a part time job, but it came just in time to pay my bills. At first, I absolutely despised my new position (working in food industry). I just received my Bachelor’s degree and I was looking and applying for professional positions every day for hours on end. However, no one would bite. I learned quickly that just because you might have a degree, it doesn’t mean you will land your dream job right away or sometimes even a job at all. However, when my computer broke and I had no access to internet with moving (the transition from one household to the other was not overnight), I pushed the pause button on my career search. I’ve picked up more hours at my p/t job and have come to enjoy it for what it is worth. It is still not my dream job, and has taken a toll on me physically.

I am not giving up on my purpose. I will continue searching and working on my writing and making my craft better; I have just chosen to be grateful I am working at all while I figure out my direction and focus on what makes me happy.


I have been working on edits with a couple of short stories I wrote about 4-5 years ago when I first started my Fiction workshop classes. Man, my writing has changed so much! They still need some work, but I’ve made a lot of progress. I have also worked on getting to the bones of what my novel is about. I am not so sure I’ve had any idea what story I have been trying to tell until recently.

I am also participating in Nanowrimo 2016! Last year, I only got to 12,000 words or so; I am determined to meet the 50,000 at LEAST, this year! I have a few people holding me accountable outside of myself. I have a lot of making up to do, I know.

Other Things

Other than the many family, boyfriend, moving, computer issues, writing and work things going on – I’ve been lured into the Game of Throne world, and now I’m hooked.

Life is good. I promise I’ll be posting again, and working on my blog to make it better. Things are starting to settle down for me again. Loans are due, car problems are amidst my bank account as well, but I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, cozy clothes, books to read, a fantastic support system, and I am abundantly happy. So, I can’t complain.

I’ll be in touch with more writing and reading updates!



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