NanoWrimo & 30-Day Writing Challenge

It’s December 1st! Can you believe it? Where has the month gone? NanoWrimo is officially over, so I wanted to give you all an update on my progress and let you know what I have decided to do going forward.

So did I meet my 50,000 word goal?….dun dun dun. Unfortunately, I did not.

My end word count came to 21,334. Even though I didn’t meet the 50k, I am still proud of myself. I recognized where I needed more work to move forward, and I also believe I would do even better if I outlined my story better next time. This is something that I wanted to do in the first place, but I didn’t focus on it soon enough, so it dragged me down on the “off” days when I couldn’t find enough words to write. Despite this and the setbacks of the holiday and my mom coming to visit and work etc, I am very proud of myself just for committing to this. I wrote almost double the word count that I wrote last year, and writing in this routine just motivated me more and gave me practice. Writing something is better than nothing, and I couldn’t be happier with that alone. It makes me more determined for next year as well.

Moving Forward

I want to focus more on reading. Honestly, my reading time has suffered a lot this year. With the internship that I had in the beginning of the year, my reading was designated for the manuscripts. They were fun to read, but it wasn’t a part of my pleasure reading. However, to keep the practice of writing on a daily basis going, I found a simple 30-day writing challenge that I am going to commit to.


While this challenge is not focused on my novel, it keeps me writing something. I thought it would be perfect as well with the holidays this month and pushes me through the end of this year. As of today, I decided that I am going to do this challenge through my blog because it will hold me accountable and give me an opportunity to stay active on here. Hopefully, it will help me engage more and create a new habit.

We will see how I like this and how you like it, in the end? We shall see! I welcome all comments during this process. I am learning as I go and trying to find what works for me.

Look for Day one to be posted later today!

Happy Reading & Writing until then!



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